Pleasure through and through...

It already starts at breakfast:

Muesli, juices and yoghurt, ham, bacon and cheese, fruit and tomatoes fresh, scrambled egg, fried egg, Nuremberger;
fresh rolls with and without seeds – there is too much to mention.

continues at lunch:

Various salads, 1 snack dish (e. g. Goulash soup, white sausages, cheese spatula, Kaiserschmarrn, pasta-vegetable pan, potato soup with Viennese sausages, spaghetti bolognese,. . . ) And finally something sweet (kl. yoghurt, pastries and cakes)

and ends with an evening menu

The evening menu starts with a huge salad buffet and is resplendent in its variety with soup, main course and dessert – also inspired by the season, of course. Matie herring, May plaice, and asparagus are present and delicious, and there are mushrooms on their own or in combination with game. Some like it hearty, some prefer it healthy and light, and others might prefer reduced nutrition. In short: everyone can satisfy their hunger in their own way.